How we strive to bless others

Zola's Zebras Blood Drive


There is a HUGE need for blood, as well as other forms of organ donation.  Hosting blood drives periodically through out the year is a huge part of our mission. Almost losing our daughter has put this call to action on our hearts, and we want to give a second chance to another person... another family. This is our call to save a life, and hope you will join in saving lives.

Interested in hosting a Zola's Zebras Blood Drive? Let us know. We partner with Vitalant to keep blood local and helping those in the community.  However, we understand there is a worldwide shortage of blood and we would be honored for our blood drive legacy to expand to other regions.



In celebration of the season spirit and Zola's favorite holiday, holding toy drives to gift the pediatric warriors is something we consider n honor and privilege. Being in the hospital over the holidays is stressful, but we aim to bring joy and keep a little bit of Christmas magic alive for our fighters.

Additionally, we would like to gift three cozy coups and/or power wheels to the children's hospital to ease the anxiety prior to surgery.  Partnering with the volunteer program at Akron Children's Hospital, we have received the list for most wanted/needed items for their in patient warriors, being able to check something off that list to bring joy to others is a goal worth striving for all year.

If your family or business would like to be involved with our toy drive, please let us know!

Supporting Zebras


Many challenges are faced when dealing with a rare illness, one of those challenges is the lack of financial resources and insurance coverage. A rare illness can take months or years to diagnosis leaving many with a heavy burden of medical bills. 

Our 2020 year will be focusing on building up our account and establishing relationships.

The goal of 2021 is to be able to sponsor families through hardships of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and other rare illnesses.

Zebra Village


Growing a community and organizing local meet ups and activities to establish to true village.  Rare and invisible illnesses can be frustrating and isolating, we seek to end those feelings and develop a strong and true support system within our village.



The doctor and surgery are scary enough for adults, but it can be extra scary for Peds patients. Through out our time in and out of the doctor, we've noticed simple tips and tricks they use to ease the anxieties of their tiny patients. Using chapsticks to scent their anesthesia masks, stickers always make great rewards and are limited in some offices. We would love to be able to do a monthly drop off of chapsticks, stickers, books, etc. to make the hospital less intimidating.



Have you ever had a child rushed to the hospital and then admitted? As parents, we never think about ourselves when it comes to our children.  Inspired by Zola's unpredictable stay, we want to help provide a little relief to these parents by providing a toiletry pack + message of courage to get them through their next few days. 

Be a part of the village

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and assist in serving families in the above mentioned ways. On behalf of all zebra families, we thank you for supporting our village.

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